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Make Your Video Ads More Impactful and Resonating Than Ever Before

Elevate your video ads to the next level with our easy-to-use and affordable neuromarketing testing technology


Small Changes, Big Impact:

How Improvements in Emotional Response, Attention, Engagement and Storyline

Can Drive Video Ad Effectiveness


Measure your audience engagement  

Capture and keep your audience's attention. Get valuable insights into how noticeable your branding elements and messages are. Optimize your video ads for better emotional engagement and strategically place your branding elements to create a positive emotional connection with your brand.

Optimize the storyline

Improve your video ads by defining important and secondary scenes and analyzing the storyline moment by moment. Get valuable feedback on emotional engagement, attention, and user evaluation to create a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

Evaluate Implicit Impact

Measure the impact of your video ads on brand perception, including emotional appeal and image characteristics. Use implicit and explicit tests to see how your audience responds to your brand and strategically adjust your ads to create a positive and memorable association with your brand.

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Discover the Science Behind Engaging Video Ads

With Empath, you can unlock the secrets of consumer behavior and preferences by leveraging cutting-edge neuroscience techniques. Our approach goes beyond traditional survey studies, using implicit measurements to capture consumers' true feelings and behaviors. This is especially crucial for video analysis, as consumers often behave differently than what they consciously declare.


Our unique approach includes utilizing a user webcam (activated only with their consent) and innovative gamified techniques for measuring mouse movements and response time. These insights provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your audience, allowing you to unleash your creativity without the risk of producing unnoticeable, boring, or even harmful content.

Empath's testing capabilities extend to both storyboards and final cut videos. Our fast solution can deliver online reports, visualizations, and interactive XLS dashboards in just a few days. This allows you to turn data into decisions in a snap.

What's even better is that Empath is cost-effective compared to traditional neuromarketing research. The cost of the project is comparable to that of a traditional online survey study, making it accessible to companies of all sizes.

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Neuromarketing insights that never been so easy and fast

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Upload your media and define specific goals 

Upload the video ad you want to test, add some details - your brand name, your key competitor, the list of up to 10 image characteristics. We will do the rest to setup the project.


Collect responses worldwide

Select the audience you want to reach. Empath has access to 200+ millions customers worldwide. Collect results within 24-48 hours


Get online reports and interactive XLS dashboards

Get interactive dashboards and online visualisations to interpretative results with minutes. Dealing with neuromarketing insights was never that easy. Your online results available immediately and dashboard will be ready within 48 hours after the lastresponse collected  

“With Cooltool’s implicit survey tools, we were able to unveil new layers of insights, that are not possible with traditional methods. With facial coding, we were able to analyze second-by-second how people felt about our ad. This, in combination with the results on the moment-by-moment feedback slider, enabled us to optimize our TV commercial with great precision. Furthermore, the Implicit Priming Test & Reaction Time Test make association questions a lot more accurate and granular, with clear indications on the strength of an association: it metrics tells you how strong an association is, so you no longer have to rely solely on the interpretation of the height of a percentage or score (where it is often up for discussion on what is truly a “high” percentage or score). The latter enabled us to have a clear indication of how the ad impacted our brand. Cooltool’s level of expertise and close collaboration really helped me to get the most out of your data & insights.

Pieter W.
Edgrard Cooper

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