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Case Study: ‘Starbucks -  It Starts With You’ video ad insights

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In this case study, we unravel a true masterpiece that breaks free from conventional commercial monotony. This Starbucks ad not only entertains but also achieves the core goal of any marketing initiative – leaving the audience yearning for a sip of Starbucks' iconic coffee.

This video effortlessly sells more than just coffee; it sells a lifestyle synonymous with the Starbucks brand. Seamlessly integrating into consumers' daily lives, the ad portrays Starbucks as the ultimate destination for every occasion – from starting the day to concluding daily adventures. The strategic brand placement subtly reinforces that Starbucks is not just a coffee shop but a companion throughout one's daily journey.

Join us as we dissect the power and impact of Starbucks' recent video advertising campaign using potent Empath's tools.

Challenge 1 - Keep the audience focused


The video exhibits strong engagement, achieving an 83% completion rate, which aligns with industry norms. Viewer retention remains consistently high, indicating the content's effectiveness in sustaining interest.

Prominent attention peaks correspond to engaging elements, while occasional dips highlight areas that may benefit from optimization to ensure continuous viewer focus.

attention 1.png

Challenge 2 - Keep the audience emotionally involved

Emotional involvement plays a pivotal role in influencing memory, attention, persuasion, brand connection, decision-making, and behavior.

2 emotions.png

Our analysis indicates that emotional engagement was observed in 27% of viewers, slightly below the industry standard. A significant surge in emotional response occurred during the brand exposure between 26-29 seconds and 50 seconds after viewers encountered the brand logo in the video. However, other instances of brand exposure did not correlate with heightened emotional involvement.

Знімок екрана 2024-01-18 о 14.14.56.png
Знімок екрана 2024-01-18 о 14.15.20.png

Delving into the emotional landscape, our analysis unfolds interesting patterns.

emotions 3.png

Detailed emotional response results shown: 

  • Dominant emotions such as Surprise and Delight indicate robust engagement and positive reception among viewers.

  • Negative emotions, while present, exert minimal impact on overall sentiment.

  • Surges in Sadness, intriguingly, may signify a contemplative state rather than viewer dissatisfaction.

Discussing the emotional equilibrium, the data reveals a positive correlation between emotional responses and content likability, indicating a general rise in ad appreciation as it unfolds. Despite occasional negative emotions, these instances do not appear to significantly influence viewers' perceptions in the long run, suggesting effective recovery from any transient moments of disfavor within the ad.

5 emotional response.png

In a nutshell


To elevate the Starbucks ad's effectiveness, a focused analysis of scenes coinciding with attention dips is recommended. Drawing inspiration from successful peaks in attention retention—achieved through vibrant storytelling, unexpected twists, or compelling visual hooks—can enhance overall viewer engagement. Refining these pivotal moments has the potential to exceed industry benchmarks.

In the realm of emotional involvement, Empath recommends enhancing the brand's presentation, particularly at the ad's outset. Redirecting focus to align the brand with narrative high points or introducing it alongside elements known to evoke positive emotional responses can create a seamless emotional journey. This strategic approach aims to bolster overall emotional engagement and reinforce brand recall.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these recommendations and detailed results, please refer to the full version of the report. Empath is committed to optimizing your advertising impact—contact us to unlock the full potential of your ad campaign!

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